About Fetster

Fetster.com is a BDSM, Kink and alternative dating site specifically for people that are into alternative lifestyles and are sick of constantly having to deal with scammers, fakes, married people trying to have affairs or people that are unavailable and just parking on a site to sell something. At Fetster we have a Fetster pledge that each member is available for play, to meet, and single or in an open relationship, rather than fakes, scammers, or married people cheating, people lying or selling videos or porn.

Unlike some other sites, at Fetster you have the ability to search for specific people by gender, age, body type, sexual orientation, location, sexual preference, kinks and more.

On Fetster you can create groups, make private and personal pages, blog, create links on your profile to your own personal website, participate in and create forums, friend people, send gifts, upload photographs, upload videos, add general links and use many other features. Of course privacy setting are available to adjust for many of our features.

Welcome to Fetster.com......Show your kink.